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Prescription Plans

Notice to Patients

Effective May 1, 2006

Prescriptions: We are requesting that you present your Prescription Plan Formulary at every office visit. This request is made based on the extensive changes occurring in patient insurance plans. Your ability to provide this information will assist the physicians in ordering “Covered Medications” under your individual plan. Please note that prescription formularies vary from the various healthcare plans and insurance carriers, and the provision of this information will help to eliminate problems with your prescription after you leave our office.

If you choose NOT to present your Prescription Formulary, you will still be given your prescriptions as needed. However, we will NOT be responsible for making changes to any prescription after you have left the office for your pharmacy. You will be responsible for payment on your "Non-Covered Medications", or you will be required to make another office appointment with your physician. Therefore, you are encouraged to utilize your formulary drugs as a cost savings to you.

Prescriptions Requiring Preauthorization: All patients are required to obtain preauthorization forms and fax numbers from their specific insurance plan, and forward them to our office if the possibility of preauthorization for a drug/supply exists. We will NOT research this information for you. This process now takes our staff an average of 30 minutes per patient to do this preauthorization. Your insurance carrier should have provided this information to you during your enrollment period, or this information can be provided to you by the insurance carrier.

Patients are responsible for their individual healthcare plan needs and specifications. Please be aware, if this information is not provided to us, it will be assumed that your prescription plan does NOT need preauthorization.

Therefore, your inability to provide this information to us may result in a Non-Covered expense to you.

In addition, if you are receiving preauthorization for prescriptive drugs prescribed by other specialty physicians, you should call their office for these prescriptive preauthorization needs. This process will insure that you receive your prescriptions in a timely and efficient manner.

We thank you for your cooperation and consideration in providing us with your prescription plan formularies and other pertinent prescriptive information. Also, we hope you understand this new policy being instituted because of the multiple variations in covered prescription plans, and the different requirements and procedures mandated by the individual health insurance carriers for the physician to prescribe your drugs.

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