Restless Leg Syndrome

Below you will find information on Restless Leg Syndrome, as provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. For more information:


What is Restless Leg Syndrome:

The overwhelming urge to want to move your legs. You may also feel burning or itching of the legs. This usually occurs at night rather than in the morning. If you get up and walk, this sensation may resolve.


Who is at risk for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS):

  • Women are twice as likely as men
  • Pregnancy
  • People over age 45
  • Family members with RLS
  • People with low iron levels
  • People with Diabetes mellitus
  • People with advanced kidney disease


Treatment options:

Behavioral Changes

  • Increase Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Decrease in Caffeine Use
  • Discontinuing Alcohol
  • Quitting Smoking



Our sleep specialists will consider medical therapy options in addition to behavioral changes.


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