Sleep Health Center

The Sleep Health Center at Respiratory Specialits houses state-of-the-art high-tech facilities and a staff of experienced sleep technicians. The information derived from the sleep studies provide doctors with comprehensive information necessary to diagnose and treat a variety of sleep disorders including sleep apnea.

Our convenient outpatient setting has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that enables patients to fall asleep easily during sleep studies.


Understanding Common Sleep Disorders

    Sleep Apnea       Restless Leg Syndrome       Insomnia   

    Sleepiness       Clinical Trials for Sleep Apnea    



Meet our staff at Respiratory Specialist/Sleep Health Center




Sleep Studies at the Sleep Heath Center

Your symptoms may lead to a sleep study at our convienent Sleep Center. A comfortable enviornment with complete monitoring and diagnostic equipment provides our doctors with the information to help effectively treat your symptoms.

To learn more about the types of sleep studies we conduct, visit our Sleep Study Info page.